Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Super Moon Over Vestavia

Monday night's Super Moon from the parking deck behind Vestavia Hills City Center. Yes, it's a composite. I could never get this exposure in one shot, but both the moon and the foreground were shot from the same deck.

Super Moon Over Vestavia

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Good Morning!

Looked out our window this morning to these three wandering around our yard, which is really 7 acres of woods adjacent to hundreds of acres of woods with an occasional house or farm. They pruned our mock orange and weeded some flower beds before they wandered off.
Good Morning!

What' that? This one was the most curious and came the closest to the house.
What's That?

No exclamation point, just time to wander on.
Time To Go.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Birmingham Church Photowalk

Monday evening Gary Crumpton and I went on a little church photowalk in downtown Birmingham, AL. Here Jesus welcomes you at the main entrance to St. Paul's Cathedral.

St. Paul's Cathedral

They turn on some major flood lights after it gets dark, but the lighting was somewhat uneven, with the spires all but disappearing into the blackness. The bell ringers were practicing the whole time we were downtown, and those bells are LOUD!

St. Paul's Cathedral

The second church we visited, about a block from St. Paul's, was First Presbyterian. The stained glass windows intrigued me most here. Since I was outside taking the photo, I reversed the image so we can read the words and so the sheep are on our left and the goats on our right (opposite of His left and right?)..

First Presbyterian

The third church we visited was the Cathedral Church of the Advent (Episcopal). It was DARK. There was a little maple lined walkway between buildings to their bookstore which proved interesting.

Cathedral Church of the Advent

This tower was very dark, but with a tripod and long exposure, you can get a decent shot, but not like daylight.

Cathedral Church of the Advent Tower

This statue was so much in the dark it proved very difficult to focus, and the expression on his face is hard to interpret at first. The red and green tints come from traffic lights on 20th Street.

Cathedral Church of the Advent Statue

As you exit the building, your view clearly says, this church is right down town.

Cathedral Church of the Advent View

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Columbiana Shoot

Gary and I went to downtown Columbiana Tuesday for an early evening photoshoot.

The "new" Shelby County Courthouse was completed in 1908. The "old" courthouse is two blocks south and now serves as home to the Shelby County Historical Society.
Shelby County Courthouse
Evening falls on the steeple of Columbiana United Methodist Church.
Columbiana United Methodist Church
Columbiana may believe in the separation of church and state, but not by much. Columbiana United Methodist Church (Est. 1846) sits across Depot Street from the Shelby County Courthouse (built 1908).
Separation of Church and State
When some of the older building on Main Street in Columbiana were built, setbacks from the property line were pretty small.
Property Line
This old building in Columbiana has been used by several businesses over the years and is now an optometrist's office. If these windows aren't original, I believe they must be quite old.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Monday evening Gary and I went to Liberty Park where there is a replica of the Statue of Liberty. When I came to Birmingham in 1971 this statue sat atop a building downtown, the headquarters of Liberty National Life Insurance. I don't know why the gas flame was not burning, nor do I know why all the cherry trees are dead.
Lady Liberty and Flag

We also visited a small man-made waterfall in the same neighborhood. As the sun goes down you can get some silky water effects.
Liberty Park Falls

Silky and Leaf