Sunday, May 24, 2009

2 Things Challenge Work/Play

This week's 2 Things Challenge is Work/Play. Well everyone will probably come up with cute ideas for this one, but I immediately thought of this.

Workplay is an entertainment complex in downtown Birmingham, one which I have never been in, but when I saw the challenge this week, and I knew Virginia would be in Paris and probably would not shoot this, I had to do it.

This is the sign on the corner of the building. I don't get to downtown Birmingham very often, and the day I did I was in a hurry, so I did not get any shots of the inside.

This is the sign in front of the entrance to Workplay. I like their color scheme, and maybe someday I'll get inside for a concert or film.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Photography class 2

Here are the other two images that were selected from the class on Alternative Lighting. This first one is Kristina's son, Mason, who fell asleep on her shoulder in a very interesting pose when he was only about 3 days old. The photo used only window light which gave it a soft and dreamy feeeling, enhanced by the black and white image.

This is Tina's cat. The lighting here was window light supplemented by an off camera flash. This was made difficult because cats do not listen to instructions very well and I had to position the flash, hold the cat's attention with a laser toy, and hold the camera in focus with a very narrow macro depth of field all at the same time. Came out well, however.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photography class

I'm just now finishing up a photography class at Samford After Sundown on Alternative Lighting. It is basically on photographing things in the dark, using alternative lighting such as window light, car lights, flashlights, etc. to get the desired effect. It's been fun, even if some of the photos used only things like off camera flashes. I'm going to post a few of what I consider my best from the class.

For this shot I tried to get the exposure for the moon right and then use a flash to fill in the tree which would have normally been just a black silhouette. The wierd clouds came because it was a rather long exposure and the clouds were moving by, thus appearing streaked on the image. I wound up having to lighten the image to get the leaves bright enough, and that blew out the moon, so I had to combine two images and merge in a moon with a lower exposure than the tree. This was almost the unanimous pick of the class as the best one I took for the course. Others to follow.