Friday, August 29, 2008

One Foot of Rain + Two Days of Sunshine =

Some Rather Impressive Mushrooms

I mowed, trimmed, edged, and blew off the lawn today, and in the process discovered these rather nice mushrooms. I thought the one on the left reminded me of a snowman. The one in the middle is like Jaba the Hut, and the one on the right? Their offspring?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Helpin Out

Well, Fay left and yesterday was beautiful. So beautiful in fact that I never got around to doing a post. This morning I went down to Highlands United Methodist Church to work on Project ID, something I try to do every Thursday. That's a project where Highlands works with primarily homeless people to help them get birth certificates and state issued IDs which many times they need if they ever want to get a job and pull themselves out of their misery. This is a picture of some of the folks entering the building a couple of weeks ago and one of some of the folks waiting on us to help them fill out the forms or give them a check for the fees to get the documents they need.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fay's Gone, Here comes Gustav

Well, Fay has moved on this afternoon, just leaving behind a few light showers, but boy did she rain on us last night. I don't have any numbers but if we got another 6-8" during the night it wouldn't surprise me. She knocked a big branch out of a tree onto the driveway last night, and I wish I had taken a picture before I cut it up for firewood, but I didn't, so I just thought I'd post a random picture of a bumblebee attacking a flower from earlier in the summer.

Anyway, Gustav is brewing down there and heading who knows where. We should be sunny tomorrow, and hoping for a few days to dry out before he gets up this way.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thanks Fay, Now Move On

We've been in a really bad drought here, starting last summer, and then again this summer. No real hurricanes to wet us down. Then comes Tropical Storm Fay. She's helped a lot, but we've gotten at least 6 inches of rain in the last few days, and today has been the worst. Wet all day long. It's been an indoor kind of day, so I finished reading a novel I found that had been on my father's bookshelf when I was a kid.