Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cardinal Saga, Continues . . .

So Papa Cardinal spent Thursday morning flying back and forth to the debris under the sunflower feeder, gulping down seed debris and droppings, then . . .
to the nest. I'm guessing he's regurgitating the stuff into the mouths of the waiting babies.
By Thursday afternoon, the first of the three had hopped out of the nest and was perched on a branch nearby. Only a Mommy or Daddy Cardinal could possibly think this creature is anything other than one of the ugliest things on earth.

Within about an hour all three had hopped out of the nest and fallen to the ground. Daddy was going crazy flying around, chirping frantically. I finally figured out he was calling the babies to come on over and hide under our deck. Eventually they all made it over there.
But, sadly, our resident predator got out and within a short period of time had discovered the babies. I saw him with one in his mouth, the little wings just fluttering and the Daddy going crazy. We then caught the predator and he's been locked in the garage ever since. We did see one of the little ones near the deck this morning, so we know that at least one has survived thus far. Maybe they'll make it to flight ready.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eggs and Flowers

Last Spring I posted a photo of the Fringe Flower shot through a little clear diamond of glass in our leaded glass front door.  This year the flowers aren't as dramatic, but . . .
if you look really close in the bush, well hidden, is a Cardinal's nest.
Momma Cardinal is diligently sitting on the nest, keeping an ever watchful eye, 
and she will hunker down and disappear if you walk close, but not too close, or she will spook and fly away.
Occasionally, though, she must leave on her own, and during one of those times I opened the door, got a little closer, and saw two "soon to be" Cardinals, still in their shells.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


If your house has any large glass windows or doors, you've probably heard that sound a bird makes when he flies into the glass at high speed, mistaking the reflection of the trees for another way through the wall.  It is sort of a combination of "Whumph" and "Thud."  Let's call it:  "THWUMPH."

Well, here is the visual equivalent of "THWUMPH."
Unfortunately this Mourning Dove did not survive the impact, but did receive a decent burial in the woods.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Autumn Again?

The oak trees in the evening sun look like they might be arrayed in their autumn leaves, but . . .
 . . . no, it's their catkins, spewing pollen over all creation, including me and up my nose, "Sniffle, sniffle."
Soon these catkins will drop all over the roof, the deck, the yard, and the patio, making their own kind of mess.  Fortunately it's not quite as bad as the leaves in the Fall.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Saturday at the Park

Typical sunny Saturday at Heardmont Park, except this was picture day for all the ball teams.  Everybody had to show up an hour before their game, almost doubling the load on the parking lot.  Lots of SUVs and minivans in suburbia.