Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Another Cold and Foggy Morning

It was another cold and foggy morning in Shelby County, Alabama, today, so my camera and I went looking for some more barns to shoot. (If you are not on a phone, click the pictures to see them on Flickr, much better view.)

Through and Through
These may not be as pretty as the one I did the other day (maybe the last one), but these structures are all over the southern part of the county.
Foggy Barn 1

Red Barn in Morning, Sailors Take Warning?
I've been wanting to shoot this barn for months, we drive by it all the time. I sort of wish the truck hadn't been there, but hey, it's part of the scene.
Foggy Barn 2

Lone Star Lost
This is another one very near our house that we drive by daily, sometimes multiple times. I think the horses are glad they have the shelter.
Foggy Barn 3

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Foggy Morning in Alabama

Post Card from Alabama
It was a damp and foggy morning in Shelby County, with a threat of rain, but he took his camera out to see what they could see together. This first shot alone made it worth the trip.
Foggy Morning in Alabama

Cantilever Space Dock
The dock at the Beeswax Creek boat launch appears to be cantilevered out into space.
Cantilever Space Dock

Falling Branch
No, I didn't shoot just as it fell, nor did I throw it up in the air. It was foggy down at Lay Lake, and some fisherman had tangled his line, broke off the branch, and left it hanging. The mono-filament was invisible. 
Falling Branch

Shelby Springs Confederate Cemetery
They've lain here over 150 years. What's one more foggy, rainy day?
Shelby Springs Confederate Cemetary