Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Another Cold and Foggy Morning

It was another cold and foggy morning in Shelby County, Alabama, today, so my camera and I went looking for some more barns to shoot. (If you are not on a phone, click the pictures to see them on Flickr, much better view.)

Through and Through
These may not be as pretty as the one I did the other day (maybe the last one), but these structures are all over the southern part of the county.
Foggy Barn 1

Red Barn in Morning, Sailors Take Warning?
I've been wanting to shoot this barn for months, we drive by it all the time. I sort of wish the truck hadn't been there, but hey, it's part of the scene.
Foggy Barn 2

Lone Star Lost
This is another one very near our house that we drive by daily, sometimes multiple times. I think the horses are glad they have the shelter.
Foggy Barn 3

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Vivian aka Deborah said...

Great fog photo and nice cropping!