Monday, January 12, 2009

Frosty Moring in Shelby County

It was a frosty morning in Shelby County today. I was up early and had to scrape the windshield to see as I left the house. I spotted some beautiful things on the way back about an hour later and rushed to get my camera. As I lay on the driveway beside the road for this first shot, people stopped and asked if I was alright. They were afraid I'd slipped on the frosty stuff and hurt myself. No, I laid down there on purpose, no other way to get this macro. The things we do for the shot, huh?

Frosty Morning in Shelby

These geese did not mind the cold, but I did. I don't think I'll be out Friday when it's supposed to be 17 degrees F.

Canada Geese Enjoy a Chilly Shelby County Morning

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