Monday, March 16, 2009

2 Things Challenge Window/View

Okay, this is an old photo, but I thought it appropriate for the 2 Things Challenge this week, Window/View. I took this to use as a part of a Powerpoint presentation I gave at my retirement reception a couple of years ago. This is the infamous US Highway 280 southeast of Birmingham. My office was near here and I usually had to sit in this traffic every afternoon on the way home. The traffic can be horrible, so people sometimes even wait in their offices until 6:00 pm to let this mess thin out. It's been a problem for years, and all the politicians love to talk about how somebody needs to do something to solve this mess, but nothing EVER seems to happen except further development, and more congestion. Now they are talking about building another elevated version of this road down the median and making it more of a toll expressway to downtown. I'm not holding my breath, I just try to avoid this road in rush hour. I usually can since I am now retired.

Back to the retirement Powerpoint. I included pictures and lists of things I would miss after my retirement, all appropriately mushy and sentimental, but this photo went into the section of things I would NOT miss after my retirement. Would you miss it?

US 280


Tash said...

Hee-hee! I could not figure out what the punch-line photo would be...a really good one!
The funny thing is that I like my commute (35 minutes door-to-door) because it's time by myself to listen to books on CD. Kind of weird, ha? I'm listening to The Life of Pi right now. Last one was the Kite Runner. But I'm running on...

Maya said...

The good part of getting laid off? Not having to deal with that! I love how you can see the traffic in the rear view mirror too!