Monday, July 27, 2009

2 Things Challenge Yellow/Brick

The 2 Things Challenge for this week is Yellow/Brick. Everybody's first thought has to be something to do with the Wizard of Oz and the yellow brick road. Mine was too, but look as I might, I could not find a yellow brick road. Then I got to thinking about this. My daughter had her first baby on April 21, a bouncing baby boy. Well about a month later she got a hankering. You ever had a hankering. You get something on your mind and you've just got to have it. When Memorial Day rolled around, she had been cooped up in the house basically since February (bed rest before and taking care of Mason after), and she was anxious to get out of town; husband, baby, and all. Getting out of town was one thing, but her real hankering was for dry rubbed ribs. There are plenty of very good barbeque places around central Alabama, but none are really famous for their dry rubbed ribs. Tennessee is the place to go. So on Memorial Day we loaded up the SUV with Gramps, Grammy, Momma, Daddy, Mason, stroller, diaper bag, and of course the camera, and off we go to Chattanooga to Sticky Fingers Restaurant for some of their self proclaimed famous dry rub barbequed ribs. The trip was a real treat, and the barbeque really was very good. While we were eating, I spotted this ad, painted on the building across the alley from the restaurant, and I thought the red and green (and YELLOW) made a nice composition. If you look closely (click on the photo for a much better image), there are some yellow bricks in there, or at least yellow and green bricks. The flower is a magnolia. Can't get much more southern than barbeque, Coca-Cola, and magnolias.

2 Things Challenge Yellow/Brick
Sticky Fingers Coke Sign, Chattanooga, Tennessee


Dusty Lens said...

Congrats to your daughter and family! Cool sign, I used to enjoy a Coke, but it just isn't the same as it once was. Rem,ember when it actually fizzed and burned your nose? Oh, and BBQ; we have mediocre BBQ up here in Minnesota. Best ribs I had was in Louisville. And I always get a pork sandwich Memphis style.

good job on your blog!

Eeyore said...

Thanks, DL

Maya said...

Absolutely perfect! Finding yellow brick is rare.