Sunday, September 27, 2009

2 Things Challenge Hot/Wheels

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Hot/Wheels.

At a Cruise-In (lots of WHEELS) in Columbiana, Alabama in July (HOT) I spotted these restored and revved up (HOT) cars (WHEELS), a Chevy and a Ford both painted almost exactly the same HOT color. I guess the Mustang owner had a little paint left over, so he's working on other Mustangs, including a little Hot Wheels version and some that look like they may be radio control models. Hot!


Vivian said...

Wow! Can you say orange?
Orange you glad you have all these orange muscle cars? Envy strikes me ( just a bit )
I was admiring how clean the engines are then as I scrolled down to see the rest of the photo, I cracked up! How adorable all those little orange cars are. How much you want for the big one?
Charger? Challenger?

Great entry for this challenge!

Eeyore said...

The big one on the left is a Mustang. The big one on the right is a Camaro. All of the little ones are Mustangs of one vintage or another.

I have no idea what he'd sell it for, but more than I would want to pay I'm sure.

Charger? Challenger? Wow. I drove a '71 charger when I got out of college, and really liked the looks of the Challenger. I like the new Challenger too, even better'n the new Camaro, but I don't think I could contort my old body enough to get into either one.

Vivian said...

too funny!...I've seen the biggest guys get out of the smallest cars!

Maya said...

This shot cracks me up. Love it!