Thursday, September 16, 2010

2 Things Challenge: Bumper/Crop

The 2 Things Challenge for this week was Bumper/Crop.  I parked next to this car today and I thought it fit the challenge.  Here is a bumper crop of bumper stickers, so many they won't all fit on the bumper and some wind up on the back of the trunk lid. 

Perhaps it's because Alabama is, as the bottom middle sticker says, "A Really Red State," meaning predominantly Republican, that most of the cars I've seen with more than a couple of bumper stickers seem to belong to people who lean rather emphatically to the left politically.  Of course there's always the occasional right wing extremist who goes beyond the bumper sticker to actually painting their slogans on the car with spray paint, but those are really rare, even in Alabama.

How about some of you from "blue" states?  Does the bumper sticker mania seem to apply more to the left, right, or is it more universal?


Jeremy said...

Great submission this week.

I would agree with your assertion that it is mostly left leaning individuals that put political bumper stickers on their cars. Since it is mainly the left that protest or rally, this is just another form of it. Occasionally, I will see a right leaning bumper sticker. However, it is usually only one.

Rob said...

Up here in MN, most of the bumper stickers are left leaning bumper attire. I never really understood putting a 5o cent sticker on a $20, 000 vehicle.

Diane Clancy said...

to the left also ... but our groceries aren't taxed ... great entry!! ~ Diane

Eeyore said...

I might could understand if I had a chrome bumper that I could clean the thing off of without damage when I grew up, but to put it directly on the PAINT! Seems like you'd damage the clearcoat at a minimum if you tried to get it off.

Cameron said...

Well, here in Texas (red state), I would say the vast majority of bumper stickers I see are to the right (some extremely so and some offensive no matter whether you are right or left, anti-Obama themes seem to be most common). I will say however, that they seem to limit themselves to about 2 stickers per truck (this is Texas, come on, it's most likely a truck). However, when I see "sticker overload" - defined as more than two bumper stickers on different themes, it is usually a left-leaning individual who is seriously diluting any individual message quality on the back of their 1998 Honda Civic or Toyota Prius.

So, overload = left for me, but the right is more likely to "sticker-it-up" around here.

Cameron said...

Oh, I forget - in addition to anti-Obama themes, there are plenty of anti-Muslim themes and pro-curtailing civil liberties themes in my commuting observations.

But the 8 different band stickers, accompanied by an equality sticker and a "Coexist" spelled out in religious symbols, along with a vegetarianism sticker, something about trees, a witty slogan sticker, and about 20 other things are most likely going to those on the left (in the Taco Bell line) about once every couple of months.