Monday, October 4, 2010

2 Things Challenge: Instant/Delay

Sitting around DFW for 8 hours . . .
Our original flight had a broken air speed indicator light, so the plane had to wait on a new one to be flown in. 

Instant delay

They booked us all on the next flight, but there wasn't an available connection for us to Birmingham, so they rebooked us on another airline, leaving 5 hours after the original was supposed to. 

Another instant delay. 

Okay, we'll just be a little late, but we won't have to go through Atlanta.  But . . . no bag when we got to Birmingham, and it takes almost an hour to file a simple lost luggage claim, especially when the bag was switched from one airline to another and we had no new bag claim check. 

Another instant delay. 

They delivered our bag the next day, no problem, but filing a lost luggage claim has got to be the most inefficient process any of the airlines have.

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ShEiLa said...

I like it!

thanks for the reminder... I gotta keep my eyes open.


Rob said...

Any time in an airport is an instant delay. Perfect interpretation.

I am slowly getting back into things after the need of a new PC. Too many programs to reload. my virtual instant delay was when my PC crashed. Well, it died.

Vivian said...

Very clever interpretation for the challenge! And all thanks to the wonderful sufficiency of the airport!

Your photo is crisp and clear and blue.
Nice shot, Rob!

Eeyore said...

You must have me confused with that guy from Minnesota, 'cause I'm Larry. Thanks for the compliments, though, both for my photo and for thinking I might be half as good as Rob is.