Saturday, December 11, 2010

2 Things Challenge: Step/Floor

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Step/Floor.  This first step is at least a floor, and probably a little more.
This door is on the side of a building which now houses Bernie's on Main Street, the fanciest place to eat in Columbiana that's not a private residence.

Bernie's sits on the corner next to the old courthouse (where I was standing, awaiting the Cowboy Parade last February), but it wasn't always there.  I've only been here about 12 years and this building was a Western Auto when I moved out here.  It reminded me of going to Western Auto as a child when my father needed something to work on his cars, but neither Bernie's nor the Western Auto had a second floor.  So why the second level of windows and the way up high door?  Recently we were visiting one of the older ladies from our church who moved here right after World War II, and she was talking about something her nephew did in the balcony of the movie theater.  Yep, that used to be a movie theater, but the balcony is now just empty space and a high ceiling in the restaurant.


ShEiLa said...

I guess you gotta have long legs to enter the door at that level. ;)

I love your entry... I sure have been out of the loop for awhile... but I love seeing what everyone else comes up with.


Miss Mouse said...

Wonderful post and pics, I love old historical buildings.

Virginia said...

My friend artist Kevin Irwin's studio is on 2nd ave. south and has double doors to nowhere from her second floor! :)

Rob said...

That is one hechuva first step!