Friday, April 8, 2011

Things Challenge: Stranger/Friend

This is Herman Maurice, a stranger to most, but a friend to some.  Herman is perhaps the best known of the street people who spend their days hanging around the fountain area at Five Points South in Birmingham.  I'm not sure where Herman sleeps, but he spends most of his days right here.  I've shown Herman before here, and Virginia has a nice portrait of him here.  While it might be a stretch for me to call him a friend, he is certainly friendly, and I would never call him a stranger.


ShEiLa said...

Totally love your interpretation.

I had a friend like this in Mesquite... Keith. We often saw Keith around town looking a tad on the thin side... and quite friendly. Before my grand-girl Madison was born we had the baby shower bbq at the park... I noticed Keith walking by so we invited him to join us. I am so glad I did. We even took Keith to high school ballgames with us when my son played b.ball. Now that Keith has passed on... I miss him.


Vivian said...

Totally cool photo of a very interesting man! I would love to see different angles of his...hat.
He looks very can see it in his eyes. Bet you're tempted to invite him over for dinner.

Virginia said...

WEll I consider him a friend as we have had many exchanges, and he's been willing to let me photograph him as well. I worry about our friend but think he's being looked after in the community.

THank you for linking to my photo. I hope we can meet one day at the church, a very special place for our people in need.

Eeyore said...

My only hesitation to call him a friend is because every time I talk to him, and I have on several occasions, poor Herman doesn't seem to recognize me.

Mouse said...

What a wonderful photo and character sketch.

Virginia said...

Well, the last time I was there, I tried to shake his hand and he said no, he was giving me a hug! Maybe he remembers me because I gave him an Olympic pin for his hat early on. After I gave him the pin, he stood, posed and said, "You can take my picture now" I was blown away!