Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Desert Island

We have on our coffee table a book of Ansel Adams photos and letters from the Grand Canyon and the Southwest. I glanced through it a couple of weeks ago and got inspired to revisit some of my photos from a couple of years ago, but this time in black and white. When I showed some of my attempts to my wife, she hemmed and hawed and finally told me she thought they were too sharp and contrasty. They hurt her eyes to look at them. I immediately agreed with her, because she was right, so I tried again on a couple and I thought they came out much better. Both of these are from Mount Desert Island in Maine, home of Bar Harbor.
 (Click on photos for a larger view)


ShEiLa said...

I really love these photos... I always enjoy b&w photography.


Jack said...

I didn't realize you were out there photographing my house! I would have invited you in for a drink

Cameron said...

I like these :)