Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whigmaleerie Day

Wilsonville, the little one stop light town from whence cometh my mail, held it's second annual Whigmaleerie Day on October 29.  What is a whigmaleerie?  It's a term of Scottish origin which means a whim or a gimmick.  The town decided to hold the event to celebrate their Scottish heritage.  Apparently, John Wilson, the town's founder, was Scottish.  

They had a few booths for local craft and food vendors, an antique car and tractor show (with about 6 cars and a similar number of tractors),
an airplane flyover, and, the highlight for me, a performance by Birmingham Pipes and Drums.  It was a little chilly for a skirt, but they all were appropriately dressed.


Vivian said...

Whigmaleerie day....that is so cool! Thank you for this lesson on the town's tradition and the hot photo of the hot cars! What are the first 2 cars? I think I know the 3rd one, well, at least that is was made in the 50's, right?

And...that's not a skirt he's wearing. lol Love the sound of the bagpipes..as a matter of fact, methinks I like the sound of all instruments....they all have their own unique power.

Happy ( a bit late ) Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Eeyore said...

Thanks Viv. I have no idea what those cars are. I'd have to blow up the pic n see if I could read something.

Eeyore said...

After a very few minutes of internet searching (amazing what you can find so quickly) I'm convinced the red one, and probably both, are 1938 Chevrolet coupes.