Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Confederate Rose

This is called a Confederate Rose.  I have no idea why, because it is not a rose (probably some type of hibiscus) and while it may be more acclimated to the southern climate, I don't know of any particular affiliation with the CSA.  The thing I find most intriguing about the bush is the transformation the flowers go through in such a short period of time.  On day 1 they open into a very nice looking white flower, with maybe just some slight tinges of pink.
 Overnight they change completely into a pink flower, just as pretty, but very different looking.
 Then, just as quickly, they are gone.
Photos of three different blossoms taken on the same day in November.


Mouse said...

What a beautiful flower, in all stages. It reminds me of the Rose of Sharon bushes at my parents' farm house. Were all 3 of these shots from the same plant?

Eeyore said...

Same plant, just different blooms.