Monday, March 12, 2012

Lens Baby? Nope.

As I flew out of Birmingham on Friday, I snapped this out the window.
I thought it resembled one of those Lens Baby images where everything except a very small spot is out of focus, making it look like a photo of a model instead of the real thing.  In this case, however, all the blurring is from the heat and turbulence coming out of the engine to the right.  Still looks like a model of Birmingham, though (click on the image to see it larger to really see what I'm talking about).


ShEiLa said...

It really does look like a model... fantastic shooting. I know this out the plane window stuff has to be quick or it's gone all together.


Eeyore said...

Yeah, and I didn't figure out until after I'd gotten all the way to Texas that you aren't supposed to used digital cameras until above 10,000 feet and the seat belt sign has been turned off. First I heard of that.