Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Lunch

This year we decided to try a Texas themed grilled turkey breast we found in Southern Living magazine.
Brine it overnight and then forty to fifty minutes in a 350 to 400 degree grill should do it.  But I made a big mistake.  I did not notice that it was supposed to be "boned" turkey breast.  Notice the pink after about 15 minutes?  Well an hour and a half later in a 550 degree grill and it still wasn't up to temperature in the middle.  Fortunately we were able to salvage enough near the edges for lunch, which we ate while the rest of it continued to cook for probably another hour.  Gotta read the instructions.  It tasted good, though, and fortunately the Black Bottom Pumpkin Pie from the same magazine was different, very tasty, and very rich.


Vivian said...

Well, it looks good, especially the pie! And as always....great photos.

sparrow said...

Love the photos of food. As a Brit in exile, I have had the joy of joining in a few Thanksgiving feasts over the years. They are not for the faint - hearted. I think it is necessary to fast for at least a fortnight beforehand.

Happy Thanksgiving!