Saturday, June 8, 2013

2 Things Challenge: Fast/Fluffy

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Fast/Fluffy.

Same pattern, different things.




Vivian said...

Very nice photos for this week's challenge! The fireworks are so sharp. And I love the black background for the dandelion'd ya do that?

Eeyore said...

I held it up in front of a red wall, then in Photoshop Elements selected the red color area, leaving the dandelion unselected, went to the Adjust Lighting button, dropped it to almost zero (black). Still had a little red tinge in the outer fringes, so selected the whole photo, went to Adjust Color, went to red, and dropped only that color to zero saturation. Pretty simple if you know how and have the software.

Vivian said...

Oh sure....easy for you to say! But thank you! My son is good at using photoshop and shows me how every now and again. Takes a lot of time and patience.

Ok....will be posting mine soon. I have photos of dandelions, you know. I dare post mine too? Could be kind of cool, just like the teal ducks.

Rob said...

Fast and Fluffy, different but similar.