Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ruffner Mountain Sunset

The Catchlight small group from Church of the Highlands hiked up Ruffner Mountain last evening to watch and photograph the sunset
and the lights of Birmingham coming on.
I had some trouble with lens internal reflections of the specular lights (I believe because of the UV filter on the front, but not yet confirmed) but a few came out usable.


Rob said...

Nice evening for an outing with friends to watch the sun set and city lights turn on. A beautiful evening.

You are probably right about the UV filter. I do not use them anymore. I found they distorted the light and made my images less sharp. The lens hood is a better lens protector. Unfortunately, Canon decided to sell lens hoods separately from the lens. Strange.

Eeyore said...

I confirmed the reflections by locating a bright specular street light or similar diagonally across the image center from the ghost. I also took some test images the next night with and without the UV filter and it clearly came from the filter. I then tried a different UV filter and did not see the reflection, so I looked to see what was different and discovered that the better one had some sort of anti glare coating on the inside surface and the bad one was just plain glass back there. I'll either be getting better filters or taking them off.