Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Light Tunnels and Brad

Railroad tracks run right through the center of Birmingham, dividing North from South.  Only some of the streets cross the tracks, some above on bridges, and about five below, through tunnels.  The city has chosen to light those tunnels with ever changing colorful LED lights, which definitely makes for some interesting night photography.  Our Catchlight Small Group from church visited the tunnels closest to Railroad Park last night.  
Light Tunnel 2
Both the roadway and walkway tunnels have gotten this colorful treatment.
Light Tunnel 1
While we were there, Brad from Oregon stopped by to chat and sing us a song or two.  Thanks, Brad.
Brad from Oregon


Vivian said...

Wow....methinks I'm tripping with all those colorful lights! LOL
so....what songs did brad sing?

Eeyore said...

I actually don't remember. No wait, one was By the Waters of Babylon. Donovan sang it a LONG time ago.