Saturday, January 10, 2015

Soft Winter Flower

Soft Winter Flower
Actually, the flower itself isn't very soft.  It's a dried up Sedum blossom from the yard, stuck in a very small (2") vase carved from one piece of stone, but the light itself is about as soft as I've ever been able to get. I saw an article from on facebook the other day on how to make a do it yourself light tent from cardboard boxes and cloth (, but I wanted something a little more durable.  I bought a Sterlite tub and a couple of cheap desk lamps at Wal-Mart, popped in a couple of daylight LED bulbs, taped in a piece of legal paper, and voila . . . Works pretty well if you ask me, and it can all be packed in the tub and stored in the garage or attic until I get the indoor macro bug again. My infamous black velvet will probably be used too. . . later.

Homemade Soft Box

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Vivian aka Deborah said...

Great effect, Larry! put that little vase in that tub with the light on it and took the photo and this is your result?'re giving your secrets away!