Sunday, June 7, 2015

St. George Island Lizard

About the only wildlife we saw on the island were birds, crabs, and this guy. He lived in a palm tree outside our door. I believe he's a Carolina Anole, just like the ones we have around here, or very similar anyway.
St. George Island Wildlife
There were a number of firsts for me on this trip, though. I saw my first Osprey and it was diving in the Gulf for fish (camera battery had just died). I saw my first pair of bald eagles in the wild (too far away to photograph them). I saw my first sea turtle nest, no turtle, just a nest (picture later). I saw my first momma and baby dolphin, just a glimpse on our boat ride and no good picture. I saw my first funnel cloud, two of them from the same storm, but they never touched the water or land and I only had a point and shoot. Maybe I'll put that up.

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