Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fair Photos - Carolina Anole

Shelby County, Alabama has a fair annually. It is a real old time country fall fair, with rides and competitions for baking, canning, plants, animals, crafts, and one of my favorites, photography. It is not a big fair. It is held in Columbiana, the county seat, and it is put on by the local Kiwanis Club. I enjoy going every year, but Six Flags it isn't. Anyway, this year I decided to enter a few of my photographs, just to see how they stacked up, and I did pretty well. The photography division was divided into 11 categories and you could enter only one photo in each category. There were a few, like children, that I did not feel I had any worthy photos, but I did enter in 9 of the categories. I did pretty wel in ribbons, but what I thought had a chance did not necessarily win, and what I just entered to have something in did well. That's why I'm not the judge. I will be posting pictures as I get the time, and I'll tell you how they did.


This is my Carolina Anole. This is the one I entered in the Animals category, and personally I thought it had a chance of getting a ribbon. Wrong! I got beat by some hummingbirds and something else. Oh well, I still liked it.

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