Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fair Photos- Dismal Leaves

This was my final entry into the Shelby County Fair this year. I entered it into the "Seasonal" category, since I figured fall is a season. I took the photo on an excursion to the Dismals Canyon in Northwest Alabama last fall. When we got to the Dismals Park, it was closed. Rather than waste the drive, I went across the street and took some photos on a creek, a small falls, and leaves in the water. That's why I called it Dismal Leaves. When we got to the fair and looked for my photos to see if I'd won any ribbons, we found all of them except this one. After looking around for a few minutes we figured out why. It had been moved over by itself because not only did it win the Blue Ribbon for first place in the "Seasonal" category, it also had a big Best of Show Ribbon. Boy was I surprised. I did not expect this one to even get a ribbon. I thought some Thanksgiving layout or Christmas photo would win. Again, that's why I'm not the judge.

Dismal Leaves

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