Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall is Here, Some Places

When I first moved to the Birmingham area 37 years ago, I fell in love with Shades Crest Road. I was a lonely young man in a strange city and the first time I drove down this road was on a rainy evening. It was like driving through the clouds, something you don't get to do very often in Macon, Georgia where I grew up. It seemed to fit my mood. But then when I went down the road in the daylight, there were lots of places where you could get a glimpse of Oxmoor Valley through the trees, or pull over and walk out to the bluff for some wonderful scenery. The valley itself has grown up a lot, and the views from Shades Crest Road are now mostly from somebody's back yard and you can't get to them. But I did find one spot, where if you aren't too afraid of the traffic and heights, you can walk out and lean over the cliff and see some of the old splendor. Just narrow your focus though, because there are plenty of roads, houses and buildings that weren't there 37 years ago.

Golf Course from Shades Mountain
Shades Mountain from Shades Mountain

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