Sunday, November 8, 2009

2 Things Challenge Young/Old

I like to enter the 2 Things Challenge when I can. The challenge for this week is Young/Old.

I decided to use photos of people I actually know.

This is Mason, my grandson who was born last spring and is now almost six months old. In this photo he is YOUNG, actually only about 4 hours old.

And this is Mayme, the oldest person I know, and she is a real card. She had probably just told me a joke, or some story about something that happened in Columbiana in the 1930's. She will be 103 in December and is still doing well. She was really only a spry 101 when I took this photo.


Vivian said...

wow, eeyore! talk about the pendulum swinging wide, these 2 photos to show young and old are awesome! Let the babies cry...cute grandson, congrats! And Mayme looks like a real cool lady. I was guessing she was about 85...she looks great for 101 there! Tell her I said so. Great entry for the challenge.
: )

Rob said...

Congrats on your grandson! And Mayme looks so young for her age.

Maya said...

Great job on the challenge!