Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Up To His Running Boards

This old Ford's been on the farm a long time, but now he's up to his running boards in oak and ash leaves.

Looks like he was a proud vehicle in his day, but now his days are gone and he just sits, rusts, and mildews.



Rob said...

One day in the long future, the earth will reclaim it's materials. Nice find!

Vivian said...

Nice shot! This truck looks like the king of the forest. Nice colors in here. I love the whole setting.

Eeyore said...

Easy find Rob, it's on my mother in law's farm in south central Pennsylvania. I've watched it sit for a couple of years now. I suppose one day my brother in law will tow it to a junk yard and begin that process of being reclaimed by man or by the earth. Either way though, rest assured, the entropy of the universe will be increased.

It was a foggy morn, Vivian, and that just seemed to set the whole mood.