Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 Things Challenge: Metal/Medal

The 2 Things Challenge for last week was Metal/Medal.

This 2 inch heavy metal medal was awarded during my senior year in high school to the person who made the highest score on a city wide math competition test given to the advanced math classes in all the high schools.  Unfortunately, it went to a boy from our cross town rival high school.  A couple of weeks later my math teacher was reviewing all the problems and solutions from the test with our math class.  When he worked through one of the problems, I pointed out that the answer given was wrong, and that another one of the answers was indeed the correct answer.  When I showed him the mistake, he agreed and took the issue up with the others in charge of the competition.  Everyone's test was regraded, and the new winner was me.  They actually went to the other boy and made him give it back. 

The goldish medal is tarnished with green now after 44 years in a little plastic case at the back of the top shelf of my closet, but it felt a little tarnished the day I got it.  They should have let the other boy keep it and gotten me a new one, or just forgotten it.


Maya said...

Nice story to go with the photo! i was born that year. A good year. :-)

Eeyore said...

Ya makin me feel old.

Rob said...

Quite the story to go along with your well deserved metal medal.