Saturday, November 6, 2010

2 Things Challenge: Emerging/Satisfaction

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Emerging/Satisfaction.  One of my most satisfying treats is an IceDream cone from Chik-Fil-A.  Something about it just tastes more like home made.  I think it is that they actually put a little vanilla in it instead of just sugar.  Anyway, I called the nearest Chik-Fil-A and asked the manager if he would let me take a photo of the IceDream, true satisfaction, emerging from the machine.  The wimpy weekend manager said I would have to call back on Monday and talk to the General manager.  Too late, buddy, it's due tomorrow.  So I settled for something closer to home, the local McDonald's.  The machine is similar, but what's emerging just doesn't produce the same satisfaction.

Then on the way home, the little McDonald's cone in my belly, I passed the other hamburger chain in town, Jack's.  They serve hand dipped Blue Bell ice cream milk shakes, so I got one for my wife, and I got one for myself.  She prefers some of the crunchy flavored ice cream, but I definitely like the orange sherbert milk shake.  Tastes just like the dreamsicles I got when I was a kid.  Here the straw is emerging from my future satisfaction.

And here, if you look down in the straw, you can see some of that dreamsicle satisfaction emerging.


ShEiLa said...

I am loving your interpretation... I don't have anything ready yet... and I hesitated about checking yours out before I let the brain begin the storm to figure it all out. I hope I make it with an entry... but I sure love yours.


Jeremy said...

Love it. Great shots of the frozen yummies. I always look forward to your interpretations. Thanks for sharing.

Vivian said...

I must say, I drew a blank for this weeks challenge, but wow, I love your interpretation and cool pictures!
Well done!

Eeyore said...

We accept drawings, so if you drew a blank, I guess I could have left a blank spot on the collage and called it yours :-)

Rob said...

Gotta love a place that serves ice cream with real vanilla. Not a fan of McDonaldland ice cream. Nope, last I heard it was made from something called frozen yogurt. NcYuck. Now that orange sherbert malt sounds delicious. We usually hit the Dairy Queen or Culvers to satisfy our ice cream hankering when there is none in the freezer.

Maya said...

Well, you've captured those two words all over the place in this post! I loved those dreamsicles when I was a kid too! mmmmmm