Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 Things Challenge: Pin/Hole

The 2 Things Challenge this week was Pin/Hole.  Saturday rolled around and I still did not have an interpretation, so I jabbed a pin through an index card and made a hole.
Not terribly satisfying, although perhaps a fairly neat photo.  Then, even though Saturday was a very busy day, I got a wild hair to try to make a pinhole camera.  I had an idea what I wanted to do, but it took a little playing around and internet study to finally get what I wanted.  The viewing screen is a piece of waxed paper taped over a square hole in the back of a sealed up cardboard box.
The "lens" is a pinhole punched in a small piece of Diet Coke can using the same pin and taped over a smaller hole in the other end of the box.

The subject, since by now it was 9:00 at night, was the light fixture by my back door.   This first image is not from the pinhole camera, but using my SLR.

Next I set up the pinhole camera and photographed the viewing screen.  I thought it was kinda neat.  This image is straight out of the SLR.
Then I went for a more wide angle shot (backed up.)
Considering the viewing screen was waxed paper and not frosted glass, the box was taped up cardboard, the pinhole was punched in a piece of Diet Coke can with a pin instead of machined, and I put it all together in about an hour, I was sufficiently satisfied to put it here.


Vivian said...

wow,Larry!....that is quite ingenious! I love the results....soft and like that of a panting or an old time photograph.
Very nice.

ShEiLa said...

This whole venture is amazing... I would never have thought of it. I love the photos through waxed paper and the nail through the index card.

I agree with Vivian... looks like an old fashioned photo.


Eeyore said...

That's no nail, it's the point of a safety pin, just pretty close up.