Sunday, April 1, 2012

2 Things Challenge: Paper/Open

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Paper/Open.
 The Shelby County Reporter is the local weekly paper for Shelby County.  The Birmingham News comes out on a daily basis and is read by many more people, but the Reporter provides some local color and interest, and since it only costs about a quarter to have it mailed to your house, I subscribe.  Every Wednesday in the mail, I get the paper, but it almost always winds up in the pile by the Gramps clock, waiting to be recycled, and seldom is it even opened.  Why?   
Well, twice a day I get an email from the Shelby County Reporter, providing headlines, introductions, and links to the complete articles for the news that was written in the last day.  Most, but not quite everything, that shows up in the paper next Wednesday, will have already been sent out in an email, opened, and read before the paper ever arrives.  So, why OPEN the PAPER?

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Vivian said...

Although this is a great post for this week's challenge, Larry, I find it quite sad, as anything in print and paper are on their way to extinction. Here, where I live, almost all the Boarder book stores have closed. Now days, you can get anything you want on the internet or read almost any book on the Nook or Kindle. Not to mention the I pods....oh my! I still love paper!