Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dove Update

I recently showed you a dove that had built her nest next to the window at church (here).  Well, now, two weeks later, we have one egg shoved to the edge of the nest and apparently abandoned.
But we also have a young dove sitting in the bushes close to the nest.
Ugly little fellow, but life goes on.


ShEiLa said...

Oh... ugly little fellow... I think him is cute... but then again I think all tiny things are. That is one thing I have not seen in my yard... the eggs. I have seen nests... I have seen the wee ones grow at all different stages... I did see one egg shell on the ground after a bad wind storm. I guess I should pay better attention.


Vivian said...

hey Larry, why don't you sit on the egg till it hatches? : )

Vivian said...

And yes, my "What is it" photo is that of my back yard fence....good eyes you have.

Owen said...

Funny, did this post at the end of April :