Wednesday, August 15, 2012


After a couple of good rain showers the last couple of days, and with the temperature down slightly, this morning was quite foggy when we looked down the driveway.
I got dressed, packed up the camera, and headed out to see what I could see and show you.  I stopped at the corner in the drive and looked into the neighbor's garden.  Fortunately, the barbed wire caught only my eye.
I knew a great deal of our fog was caused by Lay Lake, which is less than two miles away, so I headed that way.
Near the lake there are some beautiful horse farms.  These two were enjoying their early morning breakfast.
The fog was really thick at the boat launch and dock.
I wouldn't want to speed off into this.  Who knows what's out there?

I decided to try this one on Weekend Reflections, my first entry there.  Really it's only the last two photos.


Ed said...

I enjoyed looking at each of your photos. One doesn't need bright sunny days to make excellent images. The reflections are great. Very simple images, but effective in my opinion. Thanks for sharing them.

'Tsuki said...

The last two with the lake in the mist, dans the dock goingt no where are awesome ; but all your pics are great, anyway...

Leovi said...

Great photos with great subtlety and delicacy, I love the photos of the docks.

Vivian said...

OOooo, I love the fog! It's so mysterious, and you've captured that well in these photos, especially the 2 photos of the! They would be great to enlarge and frame.

James said...

Beautiful photos!