Saturday, May 11, 2013


Our house, which sits in the middle of the woods, has several large plate glass windows.  Every few days we'll hear a loud thump as another bird smacks himself into the window, even when we have the blinds down so it clearly looks like an obstacle.  More often than not, they merely stun themselves, leave a few feathers on the glass, and are gone by the time we can get there.
Occasionally, however, they are either more stunned and sit there for a while, or are injured to the point the cat causes them to disappear.  I hate it when that happens, but Niko rather enjoys it, I think.


Vivian said...

Oh man! Are these feathers in action as the cat is....oh never mind. Or are the feathers stuck to the window?

This reminds me of when I was a kid, a bird flew into our glass door and stunned himself pretty good. He was just sitting on my front stoop, kind of rocking back and forth, so I went out and sat next to him till he became well enough to fly again.

Eeyore said...

Those are stuck to the window where he smacked it. Sometimes you can see the whole outline of the bird, head turned to one side, wings spread wide,like the bird knew he was going to hit and braked as hard as he could, but just couldn't stop or turn in time.