Thursday, September 29, 2016

Columbiana Shoot

Gary and I went to downtown Columbiana Tuesday for an early evening photoshoot.

The "new" Shelby County Courthouse was completed in 1908. The "old" courthouse is two blocks south and now serves as home to the Shelby County Historical Society.
Shelby County Courthouse
Evening falls on the steeple of Columbiana United Methodist Church.
Columbiana United Methodist Church
Columbiana may believe in the separation of church and state, but not by much. Columbiana United Methodist Church (Est. 1846) sits across Depot Street from the Shelby County Courthouse (built 1908).
Separation of Church and State
When some of the older building on Main Street in Columbiana were built, setbacks from the property line were pretty small.
Property Line
This old building in Columbiana has been used by several businesses over the years and is now an optometrist's office. If these windows aren't original, I believe they must be quite old.

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