Saturday, September 17, 2016

Oak Hill Cemetery

I was unable to attend the Catchlight Small Group visit to Turkey Creek Preserve last Saturday, so Gary and I decided to go to Oak Hill Cemetery just north of downtown Birmingham to see what we could shoot Monday evening. This was a view of the Birmingham skyline I had never seen before. It was so very peaceful and quite, yet so close to I-20/59 and downtown during rush hour.
Birmingham Skyline

The waxing gibbous moon rose over the city, just to the left of our view of the skyline. We decided to go back Thursday to aim for a full moon over the city, but the clouds did not cooperate.
Waxing Gibbous

The buildings all look reversed from the normal skyline shot I'm used to from the south side at Railroad Park or Vulcan Park. Plus I had never seen City Hall illuminated with the green and blue LED lights before.
Not The Usual View

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