Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 Things Challenge Fly/Swim

Welcome to the first official day of Spring for 2010.

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Fly / Swim. These Canada Geese are in full flight, and they can fly in formation like the Blue Angels,

but it was only a few short weeks earlier, the best locomotion they had was to swim, under the watchful eye of their mother.
Join us at 2 Things Challenge to see other interpretations of the challenge.


Vivian said...

Hi Larry, I adore your entry for this weeks challenge: Fly/ Swim and your little story behind the geese.
That's a great shot of the two geese in flight. And just weeks before, they were cute lil' fuzzy geeselings? LOL
I love nature and I am always in tune to what is going on around me outside. After studying the geese and their flight and nature, I wrote a poem:

Flying in V Formation

I am stronger with you all by my side,
how easy it will be to arrive.

Catch me now I'm falling out of formation
I feel a dragging sensation.

But we unite our flight in harmony
and reach our goal effortlessly.

Leadership is shared, respect is mutual.
Abilities and talents we combine.

In formation, we cheer our front man on
and thus, maintain speed.

Should I become hurt or ill, I'll never
be left on my own.

I am stronger with you all by my side
How easy it will be to arrive.

If we all collaborate, despite our differences,
How pleasant the flight of years will be.

© Vivian, Nov. 2008

Rob said...

Beautiful images! We shared a similar theme.

Maya said...

Great entry! I love how you tied the two together and the shots of the wee ones made me smile!