Saturday, March 6, 2010

Harbingers of Spring

A break today from the zoo pictures for some harbingers of spring. I've seen a lone robin or two off and on for the last few weeks, yet winter hangs on. I figure those guys are the forward scouts; they find out how cold it is and turn back south for another week or two. But yesterday for the first time I saw several robins travelling together. Actually they weren't travelling, they were feasting. Earthworms beware! They're back, and I think they significantly reduced the worm and bug population of our yard in one afternoon. I caught this guy scanning the area next to some of the Rock Irises that have also bloomed already. Can spring be far behind? Well . . . maybe. It was still below freezing this morning and will be tomorrow, but we're looking at a week or more of highs in the 60's (F), so maybe no more snow. I don't remember wishing for spring so hard since I was a little kid.

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