Friday, March 12, 2010

Worth the Wait? - Nah.

I know it's not officially Spring yet, we've still got about 10 days to go, but something like a freight train rolled through Alabama Tuesday night and all day Wednesday and left about a foot of rain in my little neck of the woods. Officially it wasn't quite that much, but I had a square bucket about 15 inches tall sitting out and it was filled to overflowing. Creeks and rivers were out of their banks and fields were flooded. I haven't seen that much water here that quickly, ever, not even when hurricane remnants work up into central Alabama.
Then yesterday afternoon the sky turned blue, the sun was out, and it was over 70 degrees F. I put on an extension tube and kneeled down on a piece of cardboard next to this weed; maybe some sort of clover, I don't know. I didn't have my tripod and hand-held macros can be fuzzy, but hey, the flower itself is sort of fuzzy and the whole cluster here is smaller than a pencil eraser.
Was this picture worth having to endure that crappy winter? Don't think so.


Debi said...

What you have there, Larry, is henbit that grows all over the U.S. except Alaska. Although non-native, in my opinion it is a nice harbinger of spring. It's edible, too!

I think the same day you were taking photos of henbit I was, too. (On Thursday afternoon for me.) Isn't that sweet?

Sorry about the deluge! But you know what they say about, um, March showers. ;)

Virginia said...

I feel your pain. Have we had enough rain already? For the love! My photo stash has been sorely depleted. I hope to join the gang again very soon. This photo is superb!