Saturday, May 15, 2010

2 Things Challenge Initial/Impression

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Initial/Impression.

This is Shelby Springs Confederate Cemetary, not far from my house. I remember my Initial Impression when I discovered this place was, "Why are there so many Confederate soldiers buried here in Shelby County when it really wasn't a very well known battleground?" Then I discovered that after the fall of Vicksburg and Jackson, the Confederate Hospitial was moved to Shelby Springs by rail. Many injured soldiers were treated at the hospital, but those who died there were buried here on the hill behind the hospital (now long gone).
There are over 300 soldiers buried here, and unfortunately, 212 of their tombstones are simply marked "Unknown Soldier, C. S. A.". There are, however, 95 identified soldiers whose tombstones are marked with the impression of their initials and last name, or for some, their whole name and whatever other information was known.
Join us over at 2 Things Challenge to see other interpretations of this and previous challenges.


Vivian said...

Nice photos and your entry description is two fold with its story....your initial impression of the cemetery and the impression of the soldiers initials.....I love it!
And a history lesson to boot! : )

Cathy ~o said...

Nice photo and was glad to see the story behind it, but how sad that so many of those left behind never knew where their loved ones were.

Rob said...

Such a sad and terrible part of history. Thanks for the lesson.