Sunday, May 23, 2010

Backyard Wildlife

Carolina Anole
Look close and you can see me in his eye.

Fledgling Mockingbird
This little guy was not long out of the nest. His mom was still catching bugs, etc. and feeding him when he would spread his wings and open wide. Look close at his mouth, and it looks a little bloody. I don't know what she's been feeding him.


Debi said...

Larry, that's a beautiful shot of the anole. I can easily envision it on the cover of National Geographic.

Vivian said...

Theses photos are awesome, Larry! What camera did you shoot theses with?

Eeyore said...

I used my Sony Alpha 100, SLR for both. It's my real workhorse now. I'm probably over 13,000 frames on it so far.

For the Anole, I had on my 300mm lens and either a 13mm or 21mm extension tube to allow me to focus closer than the 300 normally will. That allows me to do almost macro without being right on top of the subject.

For the Mockingbird, I just used the 300mm, shot through the window, and resting on the window frame. It is very difficult to get a crisp shot with the 300 if you're not on a tripod or not in BRIGHT sunlight.

Here is my favorite Anole I ever took. It is my wallpaper on the desktop.