Saturday, May 29, 2010

2 Things Challenge: Organic/Chaos

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Organic/Chaos.
Since my screen persona is Eeyore, and thistle is Eeyore's favorite food (probably not so much because of the taste as much as he doesn't think he deserves any better) I had to eventually get thistle on the blog. Even though thistle starts out quite well organized, with rather pretty and regular flowers, which grow into bigger balls of purple color, ultimately, to spread it's future and the survival of the species, thistle must rely heavily on massive, overwhelming chaos. This one was growing in an abandoned field, so I'm quite sure it had no artificial fertilizer, pesticides, or color added, therefore it is totally organic.


Rob said...

Lots of detail what a great explosion of chaos!

Vivian said...

Nice close up shot of the thistle, which I never knew what it looked like as a plant....only what it looks like in a bag that I buy to feed the Finches.
I would love to see more photos of thistle. : )

ps...I just posted my poem, Orange Moon, on my Poetry: not a dirty word, blog. For you and your wife.