Saturday, June 11, 2011

2 Things Challenge: Law/Suit

The 2 Things Challenge this week was Law/Suit.

This is Sargeant Lilly, and in Columbiana, Alabama, she is the law.  Not the only one, but if you see her blue lights, she is it.  Her work suit, even when it is 100 degrees F, starts with a bullet proof vest.  Can't be too safe in this job.
Over that she has an embroidered badge on her black knit shirt, with her Sargeant's chevron pins on the collar.  She also had on silver earrings and deep blue sunglasses for the glare.  I liked the looks of the embroidered badge.
She wore a metal Sargeant's badge and her sidearm on her belt, and a purple watch and rubber bracelet on her wrists. 
I asked her if they could wear shorts in the hot summer, and she said since she was the supervisor, her shift could wear any pants, as long as they were khaki, but today she had chosen the long khakis.  After all, it was only 95F when I met her.


ShEiLa said...

Great photo! I like that you pointed out certain things about Sgt. Lilly. I know that the officers/law out here in Nevada have summer uniforms... thank goodness. The bike patrol on the Las Vegas Strip are most always in t-shirts and shorts. I wonder if they wear bullet proof vests???


Vivian said...

Great story photos, Larry. The Law officer looks so proud. : )

Rob said...

Fabulous portrait!