Saturday, June 18, 2011

2 Things Challenge: Single/Double

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Single/Double.

We have numerous Roses of Sharon growing around our property.  Some produce white blossoms, but most of them have blossoms that look like this.  We call it a single, because
we have one Rose of Sharon (came within inches of being destroyed by that fallen limb a couple of weeks ago) that produces blossoms with a sort of shrivelled inner blossom, thus the nickname of double.


Mouse said...

What an interesting interpretation! This kind of makes me homesick for Ohio; my parents have a wrap around porch, with a few Rose of Sharon. I've never seen a "double" before.

Vivian said...

Excellent for the Single/ Double challenge! We have Rose of Sharons growing in our yard too...we called them ....weeds! LOL Nah, they are really pretty, but it's amazing as to how many shoots they send up.

ShEiLa said...

Gorgeous! (and interesting)