Saturday, June 11, 2011


While photographing the flower below, we heard the unmistakable, loud croak of a bullfrog.  This fellow was lurking in the shadows and let us know we were in his territory (or maybe he was calling the missus.)


Jack said...

Cool! Everytime I try to photograph one of them they dive underwater before I get a chance to push the shutter!

Eeyore said...

This was a very public place, and I think he was quite used to people, if a reptile can be. We even saw him puffing out that big yellow throat as he croaked.

Vivian said...

Awesome find, Larry! I bet he is really a prince in disguise.
I love the reflection in the water.

Vivian said...

Oh....I forgot to mention....thanks for your comment on my Law/ Suit 2 Things found that quick! I'm still looking for a pic for suit. I don't think I have anybody in a suit, at least not a good pic, so I have a back up plan in my head for "suit"! : )

Those guys in my picture are actors from Universal playing the Blues Brothers. Actually my husband took the pic. We saw them around the corner of the stage they performed on, waiting. So my husband told me to go over there and talk to them so he could take that shot. I felt rather silly.