Saturday, February 13, 2010

2 Things Challenge Safe/Passage

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Safe / Passage. While for me personally, this does NOT qualify as a safe passage from an airplane to the ground, for these three fellows it was. They sky dived in to the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Decatur Alabama a couple of years ago. While I was there, the wind was too high for the balloons to fly, but it did not prevent these guys, and they all had pin point landings.

Safe Passage 1

Safe Passage 2

Come on over to the 2 Things Challenge site to see the other entries.


Vivian said...

Awesome!...I always wanted to sky dive when I was younger...never did though. And now, well, I don't know anymore.
In the top photo they look like 3 birds.
In the next photo you got a great shot of that guy....nice picture for the 2 thing challenge.

Janet M Kincaid said...

Very cool! Nice choice, Larry.

Rob said...

Whoa, inside the wild blue yonder!