Saturday, February 27, 2010

2 Things Challenge Ugly/Pretty

The 2 Things Challenge this week is Ugly/Pretty.
I used another photo of this dog a while back in the Big/Little challenge where he posed with his son. But here, he's just not paying any attention to anyone. Chillin' on a warm day. Now I find this guy to easily fit into the Ugly category, although his owner and lovers of the breed would probably disagree vehemently. But how about the Pretty side? Usually "pretty" is an adjective, but I'm invoking a second meaning of the word when it is used as an adverb. There it can mean either "moderately", or even "very." Take your pick, but I think he's "Pretty Ugly."


Vivian said...

Pretty ugly?....awwwwww, look at his eyes, he is so, um, so, er...cute! yeah, that's it...cute!
Great entry for this challenge.
Ya ( or pretty ) is all in the eyes of thee....owner! heehee

Debi said...

I think the dog has the right idea -- kick back, enjoy, hang your tongue out, let the spit pool -- so long as your happy who cares if you are pretty?

Wonderful entry, Larry. Made me laugh. And based on the extreme early hour, that's saying something.

Maya said...

awwww, I think he's cute!