Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two Things Challenge: Native / Exotic

The Two Things Challenge for this week is Native / Exotic. I present to you two birds from the Birmingham Zoo. The first is most definitely native to this area. The second is not, and therefore rather exotic.

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ShEiLa said...

fantastic entry.

I luv.luv.luv it!!!


Rob said...

Quite the difference in birds. Not sure which vulture the top one is, we see many turkey vultures way up here.

Eeyore said...

That's a black vulture, and they are year round here. They don't get quite as far north as the turkey vulture, at least according to my well worn Sibley Guide to Birds.

Maya said...

Wow! Great shots!!

Vivian said...

Very colorful these guys are...great entry for the challenge.
btw...thanks for finding my photo...silly me, I forgot to post it over at 2 Thing challenge.